Mold & Mycotoxin Detoxification - Mold Doctors with the Facts

So if it's So Simple... Why is Mold Detoxification so Problematic?

What's Wrong with most Mold Exposure Victims is Easily Said... "It's Simple... You've Been Poisoned on a Microscopic Level".

Now who do you go see, and what do you do?     Things Just got a Little Harder!

Detoxification from mold exposure is complex and these are the reasons why:

1. Because this is an environmental exposure it is impossible to calculate the actual dose of the exposure

2. It is impossible to accurately calculate the actual length of the exposure 3. Since multiple pathogens exist within an indoor water damaged structure your doctor must determine which toxins you have been exposed to. One patient may test positive for only ochratoxin, while another patient may test positive for both ochratoxin and trichothecene. If two or more toxins show present, or positive, then the patient has a "co-exposure" (exposure to more than one pathogen). The chemical complexity of co-exposures are not for inexperienced physicians, or guessing newbies that signed up for a fifteen hundred dollar become a mold doctor overnight expo. 4. This particular practice / area of medicine  is not taught in medical schools, so finding a "Mold Doctor" that has had the time and funding to have done the proper research, regarding all of the pathogens present within a water damaged indoor environment, being able to identify those pathogens in the human body and understanding how to rid the body of those toxins is to say the
        least difficult.

5. The right answer regarding who one should go and see for treatment when mold exposure occurs, is a "team" of healthcare providers. The reason being, is that most mold exposure patients have extremely complex and multiple symptoms such as, headaches, short term memory loss, blurred vision, skin lesions or rashes, brain fog, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, neurological dysfunction, and the list goes on. It is impossible for one doctor, with one opinion, and one skillset to manage every symptom for every patient. Simply ask yourself, "What MD is also a Neuropsychologist too, or would know how to deal with neurological damage?" How can one person answer to the multiple symptoms and needs of these complex patients? The answer is they can't.

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