Mold Illness Made Simple

Understanding Mold Illness   "Get the Full FREE Report"

It's Been Called "Mold Illness", "Mold Sickness", "Mold Exposure", and a million other things over the last twenty years. At the end of the day it boils down to only three things:

The ways mold exposure will affect you:

1. Allergic Reaction:

Those who suffer from a mold allergy, or suffer an allergic reaction when exposed to mold, or flu like symptoms when entering into a mold contaminated environment, and are then removed  
        from that mold contaminated environment, generally report no further symptoms or complaints. A mold allergy is like any allergy the doctor should recommend that you do you best to stay out
       of a moldy environment.

2. Infectious Reaction:

Infectious reactions are placed into two main categories, "Fungal" and "Yeast". Many people do not understand yeast is part of the kingdom of fungi (mold) only its molecular structure is
        different than fungi / mold. Those categories are as follows:

Infection Fungal:

a. Fungal infection sinus
b. Fungal infection lungs
c. Fungal infection skin
d. Fungal infection bowel
e. Fungal infection finger / toe nails
f. Fungal localized internally
g. Invasive fungal infection(s)
h. Fungal eye infection
i. Fungal brain infection

Infection Yeast

a. Yeast infection oral (thrush)
b. Yeast infection vaginal
c. Yeast infection skin
d. Yeast infection bowel
e. Systemic yeast infection
f. Yeast infection brain

3. Toxicological Effects

a. Aflatoxicosis   (aflatoxin poisoning caused by species of aspergillus mold)
b. Ochratoxicosis  (ochratoxin poisoning caused by species of aspergillus and penicillium mold)
c. Trichothecene poisoning  (caused by stachybotrys, fusarium, and trichoderma mold (s))

The latest clinical study on the symptoms of mold exposure and disease(s) caused by mold exposure undeniably reveal the majority of mold exposure victims develop neurological damage due to mycotoxin poisoning (toxicological effects).  Get the full report and paper:  "Get the Full FREE Report"